Christianity Saved the World

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World history since the time of Christ clearly demonstrates:

  • Western civilization and scientific learning advanced quicker than any other;
  • Christian monasteries preserved Greek and Roman civilization and history by hand-copying ancient books
  • Christianity created capitalism resulting in the greatest prosperity in human history;
  • Democracy is strongest in Christian countries;
  • Modern universities were founded first in the West and how they are related to Christianity;
  • Scholarship flourishes and Nobel Prizes are earned in Judeo-Christian countries in far greater numbers than in others;
  • Education, research, scientific advancement and medical cures all greater in Christian countries
  • More prosperity and greater freedom flourished in Western civilization and not elsewhere;
  • Slavery is ended in Christian countries while it still continues elsewhere; especially in Muslim countries;
  • Charity is encouraged in the West while absent and even discouraged in many other societies;
  • There is more freedom and equality for women in the West than anywhere else;
  • Care of the poor, orphaned, and widowed ignored in pagan society was promoted by Christianity ;
  • Representative government happened in Western countries where Christian philosophers such as John Locke promoted rights of the individual and limitations of government authority;
  • The fight against the slaughter of the pre-born continues;

Abortion doctor testifies why he stopped performing abortions.

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Internal Evidence of Biblical Truth

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The Old Testament Hebrew reveals:

  • Bible predicts year of Israel's rebirth (1948), names, birth-day, and birthplace of 60 modern Jewish sages
  • Old Testament gives Christ's name, birthplace, and death date centuries before Christ was born;
  • Bible predicts restoration of Israel, the restoration of Hebrew language in Israel, that the land would be a desert until Jewish people return when it would then "blossom as a rose";
  • Bible predicts the Jewish people would scattered throughout the world until they are gathered again back to Israel from around the world;
  • The Old Testament predicts that the Jewish people will be irrationally hated and killed throughout time, and would be surrounded by their greatest enemies;
  • The Star of Bethlehem was a real event; we now know what it was, why it was so significant, who the Magi were, when Jesus was likely born, how his birth relates to historical events, and why Pilate wanted to free Jesus;
  • Early Christians, after witnessing the Resurrection, let themselves and their children be torn apart by wild animals rather than deny Christ or reject Christianity;
  • Statistical analysis of internal structures in Old Testament show it could not have been authored by man;
  • An exact description of the form of execution of Christ, how many bones were broken, he was severely beaten to not being recognizable, how his side was pierced, that he would not defend himself, that he was rejected by his people, all hundreds of years before the crucifixion;

Scripture and the founding of Israel

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External Evidence of Biblical Truth

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Modern research confirms:

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Revered orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri reveals name of Messiah: Yohoshua (Hebrew); Iēsous (Greek); Jesus (English)

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Modern Origin-of-Life Scientists Have No Idea How Life Originated on Earth

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Modern science confirms:

  • The fundamental physical constants of nature (gravitation constant, charge of an electron, cosmological constant, Planck's constant,etc.) are all within incredibly narrow tolerances to allow life to exist;
  • The simplest bacteria has never been created from chemicals in our most sophisticated labs, let alone in some ancient "primordial soup";
  • Not only have our sophisticated molecular biology labs not made a simple bacteria, they can not manufacture many of the parts of a bacteria such as the cell membrane with all its molecular pores, channels, receptors, proteins, etc.;
  • That all matter, space, and time itself originated in a "Big Bang" or creation event "in the beginning";
  • That after the most violent explosion that ever happened, all matter somehow organized itself into greater and greater complexity finally producing mankind;
  • That all life proteins are made only with the "left-handed" or L variety of amino acids, rather than the "right-handed" or D variety; we still have no idea how this "chialism" originated - or why;
  • The earth's position in the solar system, low eccentricity of its elliptical orbit, stability of sun with gradual increase in luminosity over past three billions years, relationship of earth to other planets, position in the galactic arm, relationship to the galactic plane, distance from external radiation sources, distance from galactic center, composition, tectonic plates, variety of rare earths, etc., are all within tight tolerances to allow advanced life for a short time;
  • Life is much more complex than we ever imagined, so much so that even Sir Frances Crick - the discoverer of the structure of DNA - wrote that life is "almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to be satisfied to get it going.";
  • New formulations of the Drake equation used to determine the probability of life elsewhere in the Universe indicate we might well be alone, as substantiated by the Fermi Paradox; namely, no evidence for any extraterrestrial civilization despite years of intense research by SETI;
  • Seventy complex animal phyla suddenly appeared 543 million years ago in the Cambrian explosion defying a natural explanation, especially since only thirty of these phyla exist today, and no new ones appeared over the past half billion years;

Cambrian Explosion Refutation of Darwin's Gradual Natural Selection Theory - Part 1

Cambrian Explosion Refutation of Darwin's Gradual Natural Selection Theory - Part 2